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How to Inhale Vapor

How to Inhale Vapor
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    If you’re switching from cigarettes to vaping, there are a few differences you should take into account. One of the biggest differences you will immediately notice is the inhalation technique used to create the vaping experience you’re going for. 

    Don’t get caught off guard by the challenge of how to vape properly. In this article, we will be sharing the basic fundamentals of vaping and all the techniques needed to nail your inhalation technique for the true vaping experience.


    What is a Vape?

    A vape is a small, hand-held electronic device that serves as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Users can slowly taper the nicotine level of the e-liquid to reduce consumption. Think of it as a different version of nicotine gum or the patch that integrates the hand-to-mouth motion that smokers miss as they seek to quit smoking.

    The first commercially available vape was launched in the early 2000s by Chinese company Ruyan. The original product was designed to look like a real tobacco cigarette as much as possible, but now there’s a wide range of styles, designs, and functions available.


    How Does Vaping Work?

    Most vapes work in a similar way: they utilize a power source to create heat that vaporizes a vape juice via an atomizer which then releases the vapor through its mouthpiece.

    When all of these pieces (vape mod, coil, and atomizer) work together in a complete system, you have what is known as a complete vape. Any of these items without the others is incomplete, so while you may shop for individual parts separately, it’s not fully functioning until all components come together.


    vape pen components


    If you’re experienced in the world of vaping, you can pick and choose your favorite batteries, coils, or atomizers. However, if you’re new, it’s much easier to stick with pre-packaged or prefilled vape kits like RELX that ensure all of the pieces are compatible together in one single product.


    Power Source vs. Vapor Source

    The two primary components of your favorite vape pen include the power source and the vapor source.


    Power Source

    The power source, known as the vape mod, is usually a lithium-ion battery that can come in different shapes and forms. They have names like box mods, vape pens, tube mods, etc., that match their presentation. Some have adjustable power sources, some are controlled by temperatures, and others are basic with no additional knowledge required from the user. 

    The three main types of power sources are low power, medium power, and high powered. Low power sources include pod vapes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes. Medium powered options are tube mods or box mods. Finally, high powered mods are box mods or mechanical mods. More details below:

    • Low power - no experience required, uses a rechargeable battery, very portable
    • Mid power - battery safety knowledge recommended, adjustable power options, pocketable
    • High power - strong experience is recommended, uses replaceable batteries, more bulky but pocketable

    Vapor Source

    The vapor source comes from the vape atomizer. This self-contained chamber connects to the heating element electrically and typically uses a metal coil and wick saturated with e-juice to create vapors. When you’re ready to take a puff, the coil works to heat the e-liquid, and it instantly creates a vapor.

    The four main types of vape atomizers are prefilled, refillable (with/without coils), and rebuildable options. There’re lots of variations within these four types – you just need to ensure the atomizer you pick is compatible with the power source you previously selected. You can choose among the following:

      • Pre Filled pods, cartridges, cartomizers
      • Refillable pods, cartridges, and cartomizers
      • Refillable sub-ohm tanks or clearomizers with replaceable coils
    • Rebuildable atomizers labeled with an acronym that begins with R (RDTA, RTA, etc.)

    MTL and DTL Inhalation Techniques

    When it comes to inhaling vapor, most new players don’t understand the different inhalation methods and how it changes the overall vaping experience. There are two primary kinds of vaping methods used, known MTL and DTL. Confused about these new acronyms? Let’s unpack how to vape properly with both of these techniques below.


    What is DTL?

    Are you wondering, “What is DTL?” Don’t worry; you’re not the first one! DTL stands for Direct to Lung vaping. This method is typically used when the person wants to feel a bigger head rush with a direct lung intake and more vapor. If you’ve seen major vapors create large clouds with their puffs, they’re using the DTL method. Because there’s more direct inhalation, this style of vaping requires a juice with lower nicotine content.


    Why DTL?

    Direct to Lung vaping is mainly used along with vape kits that have a long-lasting battery. DTL inhalation uses more battery power than other techniques, which will drain your battery fast if it’s not made for it. DTL is also used by individuals who want to create large clouds or do tricks. Some users also say DTL enhances the flavor of the vapor or feels better. By pulling all of the vapor directly into the lungs, there’s greater control and more potency in every puff.


    What is MTL

    MTL stands for Mouth to Lung vaping. This occurs when you first inhale vapor into your mouth and then pass it on to your lungs. The biggest difference between the two is in the pull. The MTL method is quite similar to how cigarettes are smoked, so most newly converted vape users will begin with this inhalation method. This creates a less harsh feel to the lungs.


    Why MTL?

    MTL is the most popular kind of inhalation method, as it lets you enjoy the flavor of the e-juice and focuses on taste rather than the rush. Mouth to Lung vaping also extends vaping sessions as it uses less battery power and consumes less e-juice with every inhale. 

    Many vapers find DTL hits to be too harsh on their lungs, often causing nausea, dizziness, or headaches. This is especially true if you’re using salt e-liquids for their higher strength in nicotine. If that’s your kind of vapor, then MTL gives a clean finish and offers the best taste.


    MTL vs. DTL: Which One’s Better?

    An MTL hit allows the e-juice vapors to settle onto your tongue and mouth. This will cool the vape temperature down, let you taste the flavors, and reduce the severity of the inhale to your lungs. Once that vapor leaves your mouth and moves into your lungs, your throat won’t be hit as hard. The steps to the process are why this method works better for vapes with higher nicotine content.

    On the other hand, DTL draws in a stronger puff and leads the vapor directly to your lungs, bypassing the mouth. With less time to cool down, the vapor can be quite hot. Most individuals who use the DTL technique enjoy the intense throat burn and amplified pleasure from the nicotine. If you’re trying this method out, just be sure to fully exhale after to clear out any lingering vapor.


    Trying Both Methods

    Now that you understand the fundamental difference between these two primary methods of inhaling e-cigarette vapor, we’ll break down the actual steps to the technique so you can become a vaping aficionado yourself! Before you know it, you’ll teach other new users how to vape properly with your newly acquired skills.


    How to Vape

    Learning how to vape doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. Some people like to learn from their friends, others prefer watching online tutorials, and some can pick it up simply by reading the steps! As long as you’re covering the basics of how to inhale the vapor correctly, you’ll be well on your way.


    How to MTL Vape

    Here’s all you need to do to try to MTL vaping method:

    1. Draw the vapors into your mouth and try to focus on inhaling only with the mouth. Do this by pulling lightly from the mouthpiece slowly but steadily to bring the vapor into your mouth.
    2. Take a small breath in or simply use the muscles of your mouth to create a draft on the vapors to bring it into the mouth. You don’t need to use much force at all – this protects both your lungs and your device.
    3. With the vapor still sitting in your mouth, let it stay there for a few moments. Then, inhale again – this time, inhale deep into the lungs.
    4. Repeat!

    That’s all there is to the MTL inhalation technique.


    How to DTL Vape

    Ready to become DTL vaping master? Follow these steps:

    1. Inhale with a steady and strong inhalation force, pulling from the lungs.
    2. As you inhale and pull in vapor, your stomach should slowly expand during your hit. Once you reach the full capacity of your lungs, you can slowly release the vapor.
    3. This kind of full-bodied inhale helps you to absorb more nicotine than with an MTL method.

    This is the straightforward process of DTL inhalation.


    Begin Your Vape Life

    While the decision to begin vaping is a personal choice, it can be a great way to reduce cigarette dependency and reduce your nicotine intake.

    Now that you’re an expert on all the basics of vaping, you’re ready to purchase your first vape kit and get started using whatever inhalation technique is more appealing to you. Experienced smokers might prefer the rush and intensity of the Direct to Lung method, while beginners typically enjoy the Mouth to Lung inhalation technique. 

    Whatever inhalation method you use, always do so properly and not beyond a level you may not yet be comfortable with.

    More info about vaping knowledge can be found at RELX New Zealand.

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