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The Latest Vaping Regulations 2023

From 21st September 2023, new vaping  regulations will come into force. These regulations will introduce a maximum nicotine limit of 20mg/mL (Disposables) and 28.5mg/mL (Closed Pods), revamped flavour names, removable batteries, and child-safety mechanisms.

2023 New Vape Nicotine Limits


1. Vape Nicotine Limit: One significant change for the Disposables is the reduction of nicotine strength to 20mg/mL as well as the requirements for removable batteries and child lock functions. Additionally, Closed Pods like RELX will also require a reduction in nicotine strength from 35+mg/mL to 28.5mg/mL.

2. Vape Flavour Names: Vaping products can only feature descriptive, non-attractive flavour names, discouraging misleading marketing that might target Non-Smokers. 

For example: Names like ‘cotton candy’ and ‘strawberry jelly donut’ will be prohibited. Only generic names which accurately describe the flavours can be used, such as ‘orange’ or ‘berry’.

3. Removable Batteries and Child Lock Functions: All vaping devices must have detachable batteries and incorporate child safety features like buttons to increase the difficulty of operation. This is to prevent unintended use and access by minors (Under 18).

    2023 Vaping Regulations NZ


    From 21st Dec 2023 (3 months after Regulations come into force)

    We will only sell the compliant disposable vaping products meeting safety standards (nicotine limits, removable batteries, child safety and product labelling).

    21st March 2024 (6 months after Regulations come into force)

    All vaping products with cartoon or toy images on the packaging are not allowed and must use permitted flavour descriptions. We are only able to offer compliant reusable vaping products that meet safety standards, including nicotine limits, removable batteries, and child safety features.

    With the government shifting toward these changes, RELX supports these changes and ensure that our new products will be fully compliance with the updated regulations.

    At RELX, we're dedicated to assisting our consumers as they navigate these regulatory changes. We encourage all RELXers to stay tuned for our upcoming exciting new products that will be fully compliant to the new regulations.


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