MagicGo 8000i

Dual Mesh

Dual Mesh in the RELX MagicGo 8000i uses twin coils for doubled richness and throat hit. This advanced technology enhances vaping with upgraded airflow and richer tastes, ideal for a powerful and stylish disposable experience.

Dual Mesh

Boost vapor output and enhance
flavour with improved airflow and
increased heating temperature.
Standard Mode: 10.8W
Boost Mode: 2*10.8W

Durability Meets Elegance

With the same metallic finishing
as iPhones, the MagicGo 8000i
showcases both durability and

LED Screen

Uncommon in disposable vapes,
you can now monitor e-juice and
battery levels precisely, down to
the percentage.

8000 Puffs

Puff Count

Maximizing vaping longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.


Double Clouds

Double clouds, richer experience. Elevate vaping with Dual Mesh for denser clouds.
*Press & hold for 5 seconds to switch modes


Customer Stories: Discover How Our Clients Utilize RELX E-Cigarettes to Aid in Their Journey to Quit Smoking.

Boris Bykov

Infinity2 Device

The RELX Infinity2 Device is a game-changer! Its sleek design and compact size make it super portable. The exceptional battery life, fast charging, and customizable airflow set it apart. Pods are easy to replace with a secure magnetic connection. This device delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience, and I highly recommend it to all vapers. Solid 5 stars!


MagicGo 4000 Spearmint 18mg/mL

I have been a heavy smoker for over 20 years, for 2 years i have tried alot of vapes but i could not inhale without choking so never bothered. Found them gross. New years is around the corner so i went hunting for something to help me cut down & hopefully stop smoking cigarettes. I Found this device brand new to the market and within 2 days i had it sussed! I have cut down on my smoking drastically already. Really enjoy this vape. It’s smooth & i love the Spearmint flavour.

Louisa Hosking

MagicGo 8000i Watermelon 18mg/mL

Great device for the amount of puffs you get. I do prefer an icy flavour as the watermelon is so sweet. Overall the aesthetic is nicer. Would be great to have more flavours available, please!

Frances Sharkey

Infinity2 Device

I love this device, it's given me maximum control over my nicotine intake. I didn't have any complaint about the older version until I used this one, the charge port is better made, the lights are more helpful, the charging is faster, the vape is smoother as I'm using it with the new pods. I'm so happy with it I immediately ordered another one as back up given my propensity to lose things.

Anne-Marie Frew

Infinity Blueberry Splash 35mg/mL

After 3 years of trying vapes to find something I could use to stop smoking I finally found Relx more than 3 years ago. I managed to stop smoking almost by accident using it, after a 35 year smoking habit. Relx products are well priced and orders arrive really quick!

Fanch Le Borgne

MagicGo 4000 Mint 18mg/mL

Five stars for everything! LOVE the mint taste, the strong ice hit giving the satisfaction of a proper mint cigarette draw. Device is easy and holds in hand very well. Simply put, I stopped all other vapes and ordered more of this one.

Melissa Watts

Infinity2 Device

Charges quicker and can see battery level …also the ability to change strength encourages weaning off.

Louise Gedge

MagicGo 8000i Strawberry Watermelon 18mg/mL

Highly recommend lasted me two weeks longest vape I've used. Very happy with purchase.

Heather Campbell

Infinity2 Pod Dark Sparkle (Cola) Nicotine Salt 50mg/mL

Really enjoying the new pods. They are a lot smoother and I haven’t had any issues with burning. Really happy with this product.

Alessandro Marta

Essential Device

An excellent vaping device, boasting a long-lasting battery and shock-resistant build. Highly recommended for its reliability and durability.

Emily Wong

Infinity2 Pod Iced Hibiscus Tea 28.5mg/mL

Quite a pleasant taste. Wasn’t expecting much but it tastes like a rosey, raspberry tea taste and I quite like it!

Anthony Tau

MagicGo 8000i Blackberry 18mg/mL

First time tasting this flavour, I must say it’s a vape I would recommend again 💯