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I love your product so much I got my brother and I recently got a lot of my staffs and their families buying these products.


I really love your products and i am a happy customer!  I will always be returning and recommending to everyone!


You guys are absolute superstars!! I’ve literally referred my whole group and got them into RELX vapes we’ve all quit smoking for a good 5 months now! Love your work!


I am very invested in your product and it has been a great smoking alternative thus far.


I am a loyal RELX customer. It's my first ever vap and I love it.


Thank you guys, honestly most recommended vape kit ever with the best variety


Little pod with a powerful hit


Best vape I’ve tried - and I’ve spend hundreds on different types of vapes!

It’s the closest I’ve found to the way a cigarette draws, no leaks/spits, pod lasts longer than any of the other pod vapes I’ve tried. Classic tobacco is my go to flavour


Thanks RELX, I've gotten nearly 20 people to get relx devices over the last couple months ive become a promoter for you guys haha, much love to you guys and your products