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How to Inhale Vapor
Vape Knowledge

How to Inhale Vapor

If you’re switching from cigarettes to vaping, there are a few differences you should take into account. One of the biggest differences you will immediately notice is the inhalation techniqu...

News2023 Vaping Regulation in New Zealand

The Latest Vaping Regulations in New Zealand

Discover the forthcoming vaping regulations set to take effect from September 2023. These changes will introduce lower nicotine limits, revamped flavour names, and enhanced safety measures, impacti...

NewsThe Phoenix and Ray of Hope

The Phoenix and Ray of Hope

  The Phoenix It is the golden bird that is repeatedly reborn and rising from the ashes to live a new life, symbolizing the hope and transformation of lives. As a brand that empowers people ...

Vape KnowledgeCan You Take Vapes On Planes? Read Before Flying!

Can You Take Vapes On Planes? Read Before Flying!

Please note: This article is a guide only, not a legal opinion. Electronic vaporisers, also known as vapes, have been around for almost a century, but they've only recently become popular. The gove...


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Product InformationRELX Quality Is More Than Standard - RELX New Zealand

RELX Quality Is More Than Standard

At RELX, from the first to the last puff, we strive to deliver the best vaping experience possible. Everything we do at RELX is designed with our users in mind and all our products are high-qualit...

Flavour Review

Flavour Review

RELX Infinity pods feature its patented ceramic/cotton wicking material design providing its users with excellent vapor production while retaining the iconic smooth draw. We also engineered the ...

Vape KnowledgeUnderstanding Atomizers: Cotton vs. Ceramic - RELX New Zealand

Understanding Atomizers: Cotton vs. Ceramic

The current ceramic Infinity Pods: Rich Tobacco, Menthol Plus, Menthol Xtra, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Ludou Ice, Golden Slice, Dark Sparkle, Garden's Heart, Mellow Melody, White Freeze.   The curre...

Vape KnowledgeFAQs About Vape Juice - RELX New Zealand

FAQs About Vape Juice

With technology constantly bringing us the latest in tobacco products, vapers now find themselves faced with a product they may not fully understand — which brings us to this post.  Here, we will b...

Vape KnowledgeTips When Using a Vape Pen - RELX New Zealand

Tips When Using a Vape Pen

Have you recently made the transition from traditional cigarettes to vape pens? Are you one step away from becoming smoke-free altogether? Deciding to quit smoking is difficult, and learning to pic...