Flavour Review

Flavour Review
Flavour Review
RELX Infinity pods feature its patented ceramic/cotton wicking material design providing its users with excellent vapor production while retaining the iconic smooth draw. We also engineered the next generation of ceramic/cotton Infinity pods to resist leaking with 11 structural layers and help prevent internal leaks by trapping any condensation in the intelligent maze-like structure.
Rich Tobacco

Perfect for those who miss the taste of tobacco without the lingering smell, the RELX Infinity Pod Rich Tobacco features notes of medium blend tobacco with a smoky aromatic finish.

Green Zesty Tobacco

The popular Classic tobacco flavour with a twist of lemon.

Menthol Plus

Freshen up with this cool sensation of a flavour! RELX Infinity Pod Menthol Plus is a blend of cool and refreshing icy aromas of menthol that will surely chill your soul.

Menthol Xtra

Freshen up your day with the incredible menthol flavour! RELX Infinity Pod Menthol Xtra features strong flavors of mint completed with a slightly sweet aroma that is sure to add that arctic refreshing cooling to your every puff!

Fresh Red

What's better than having a bite on a cold watermelon in Summer! RELX Infinity Pod Fresh Red is bursting with a sweet flavour of watermelon slices with a strong refreshing exhale of mint.

Garden's Heart

A flavour that's sure to pack a flavour punch! Enjoy the sweet and tart fruity sensation of the RELX Infinity Pod Garden's Heart Strawberry. It features juicy sun-ripe strawberry flavours that harmoniously blends sugary and slight citrus flavors, perfect for strawberry lovers all around!

Golden Slice

It's finally here! A tropical sensation you've all been waiting for featuring the RELX Infinity Pod Golden Slice mango! This flavour is a refreshing rendition of juicy and ripe mango flavour. It is tastefully formulated to replicate the authentic tropical mango taste finished off with a hint of mint.

Orchard Rounds

Enjoy the refreshing taste of succulent juicy peaches! The RELX Infinity Pod Orchard Rounds Peach features fresh flavour of sweet and ripe peaches topped off with a slight exhale of mint.

Tangy Purple

For purple grape flavour lovers, the RELX Infinity Pod Tangy Purple Grape is exactly like biting into a juicy grape finished off with a refreshing exhale of mint.

Crisp Green

A flavour you would never run away from! RELX Infinity Pod Crisp Green Green Apple features sweet and tangy flavour of green apple topped off with an icy mint exhale.

Mellow Melody

Mellow out with this melodic blend of flavours! RELX Infinity Pod Mellow Melody Rockmelon/honeydew features a sweet blend of Rockmelon/honeydew melons finished off with a slight exhale of mint.

Sunet Paradise

Not your everyday tropical flavour! RELX Infinity Pod Sunset Paradise Guava features slightly sweet and tangy flavour of guava infused with a refreshing exhale of mint!

Dark Sparkle

WFizz up with this classic taste of cola! The RELX Infinity Pod Dark Sparkle Cola flavour replicates drinking an iced cold cola on a hot summer day.

Sunny Sparkle

FANTAstic! You'll never get bored of this orange soda flavour! RELX Infinity Pod Sunny Sparkle features fresh fizzy flavour of your favorite can of orange soda packed in a pod topped off with a slight refreshing exhale of mint.

Palm Rounds

If you like pina coladas.. And getting caught in the rain ~ RELX Infinity Pod Palm Rounds Pineapple Coconut delivers a tropical punch of flavours with its perfect combination of pineapple and coconut flavours finished with a nice mint finish.

Zesty Sparkle

RELX Infinity Pod Zesty Sparkle Lemon Lime Soda is reminiscent of your favorite lemon and lime soda topped off with a smooth exhale of mint. This flavour is sure to quench your thirst!

Jasmine Green Tea

Another one for tea lovers! RELX Infinity Pod Jasmine Green Tea features authentic flavours of a hot cup of fresh jasmine green tea. This flavour is sure to soothe your soul!

Golden Crystal

One for tea lovers! This RELX Infinity exclusive flavour, Golden Crystal Honey Pomelo Tea, features sweet and subtle notes of honey tea infused with juicy and ripe flavour of pomelo finished with a refreshing exhale of mint.

Ludou Ice

The old-school Mung Bean icecream flavour! Also known as LuDou Ice, the RELX Infinity Pod Green Bean is an exceptional rendition of ice blended asian green bean desserts! Taste the authentic aroma of mung bean mixed together with a strong refreshing exhale of mint.

White Freeze

A flavourful blend that will cool you off in seconds! The RELX Infinity Pod White Freeze Popsicle features a mix of frozen popsicles infused with slightly creamy flavours finished with a refreshing exhale of mint!

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