Engraving T&Cs For Infinity Device

* The engraving area is approx. 42x10mm on the back of the device.
* The text default font is Montserrat Semi Bold and the default engraving color is silver/gray.
* The engraving size of image is approx. 13x12mm.
* Your message will be engraved exactly (Punctuations, capitals) as provided. We may split your message in multiple lines if needed.
* The default font size of 8-13 depending on number of the characters. The more letters provided the smaller font size. We may realign text on multiple lines if they cannot be fitted on single line. 
* All orders for personalized message will be dispatched on the following Monday or Wednesday.
* By choosing the engraving service, you're agreed for us to open the device packaging for production.
* Variance may occur, we do not accept return or refund request.