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Packaging Update

The Smoke Free Environments and Regulated Products Regulations 2021 will require packaging changes for all vaping products sold in NZ. .... read more

RELX Infinity Pod Review

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The Double 11, Singles' Day

The Singles' Day, or Bachelors' Day, originated from China in 1993.... read more

RELX Quality Is More Than Standard

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Understanding Atomizers: Cotton vs. Ceramic

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FAQs About Vape Juice

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Tips When Using a Vape Pen

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Pros and Cons of Vaping

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How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette Compared to Vape?

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What You Should Know About Switching From Smoking to Vaping

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RELX’s Commitment to High Quality Standards and Manufacturing Practices

RELX is committed to creating the best products and experiences that set the bar higher. In order to achieve our... read more

How to Inhale Vapor

If you’re switching from cigarettes to vaping, there are a few differences you should take into account. One of the.... read more

RELX Infinity Reinvents the Vaping Experience

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN RELX Infinity was awarded the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award in March 2020 for its distinct reinvention of the.... read more

How Many Puffs in a Day Is Normal for Vaping?

  Vaping gets a bad reputation in today's society, but it shouldn't. It is often a transitioning option for more

RELX’s Commitment to Investing in Innovation

At RELX, product innovation and development are essential in our mission to create high-quality e-cigarette products that set the bar higher.... read more

Breaking Bad Habits: Alternatives to Smoking

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How To Use RELX Vaping Device

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Stay Away from Fake Pods and Devices

April 20, 2020 RELX was founded in early 2018 and has quickly become Asia’s leading independent vaping brand. However, we more